Water vs Waterlogged Soil

Many people ask
‘How can plants live in water but die in waterlogged soil?’
Well, putting it simply, it all comes down to Oxygen.
Oxygen is crucial for root & plant growth, without it, plants will not survive.

Healthy soil is full of microorganisms, which are beneficial for soil & plant health, but which also need oxygen to thrive. In waterlogged/overwatered soil, these bacteria and fungi will eventually use up all the available oxygen, causing denitrifying bacteria (anaerobic bacteria) to develop, causing root rot.

Water contains less microbes and bacteria, which means less competition for oxygen, allowing the plant roots to absorb more than they would in waterlogged soil.

To keep the balance right, it is important to change the container water often to avoid an overgrowth of bacteria – especially if your plant is in a glass container, receiving good lighting.


  1. Since water-grown plants don’t receive any nutrients from soil, you can add a water soluble fertiliser every month during the water change – use a quarter of the dosage mentioned on the product label.
  2. To keep your plant thriving in soil, pot your plant in a healthy aerated potting mix, in a pot with good drainage (ALWAYS).

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