Your Plants & Moving House

I’ve had to move houses over five times since moving to Mauritius; all while slowly collecting more and more plants. In the beginning, the plants would take up a box, but over time they would slowly fill the boot, the back seat, and finally, the whole car.

Here are a few tips to help make your plant-move stress free:

  • Prioritise the Plants

    Look at the plants you have – which are high and low maintenance?
    Take the lower maintenance plants first – at least the ones that can stand a little neglect while you’re moving back and forth. Aim to bring your higher maintenance plants last, so you’re there to care for them.
  • Plan placement

    Scope out your new place – which direction is the house facing? Are there windows on the East and North sides? Is there space indoors for the plants that provides adequate light?
    List your plants and decide which will go where once you move into your new house.
    I’ve made the mistake of just grouping them all in one place, and finding it hard to get them organised afterwards.
  • Pre-trip Care

    To avoid stress on your plants, water them thoroughly the day before the move.
    Also, depending on where you’ve decided to place your plants once you’re settled, try and mimic the same environment several weeks in advance. If you will be moving a plant from direct sunlight indoors, you’ll need to acclimatise your plant several weeks in advance, by slowing moving it from the shade to an indoor location.
  • The trip

    Take care when packing your plants. Use carton boxes to keep the pots secure; so they don’t tip over en-route. Leaves can also easily get tangled in the boxes, so be careful when unpacking, to avoid ripping the leaves or pulling the plants out.
  • In your new home

    Adjust your care routine accordingly. You may need to water less (or more) depending on the new plant placement. Its normal for some plants to experience a bit of shock, and lose leaves. But have patience, if you’re caring for them right, they’ll be sprouting new growth soon!
Enjoy your new plant adventures in your new home!