Pepiniere Plaisir du Jardin

Located in Ville Noire, Mahebourg, this back-yard nursery is a gem for the collector & plant parent alike.
Entering the gate, you walk past a wall filled with Gloxinia, Vanilla, and Fittonia. Next to his house, along the wall on stands, are Water lilies, Geraniums, Begonia, & Christmas Cactuses.
Below this are the newly acquired plants, just on display to tease you and giving you a reason to come back, once he’s propagated them.

Joy has an infectious passion for plants, and you’ll feel it as he walks with you around the nursery.
His extensive collection of succulents and cacti are a sight to behold, but many are rarely on sale at the nursery – mainly at plant expos.

Walking up the steps at the back of the nursery, you’ll see Coleus, Chillies, Hibiscus, and various flower plant species.

At the top, you’ll find a space filled with Herbs, Anthuriums, Caladiums, Monstera, Alocasia, Marantas, and more.

His whole nursery is well curated, well stocked and well looked after. Definitely a place to put on your ‘Plant Shopping List’ if you’re in the area.
Below are the directions.

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