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Aerial Roots

Aerial roots, as the name suggests, are roots that are exposed to the air. They are adventitious, and…

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Paradise Plants Nursery

This home based nursery is owned and managed by Jessica Ramjane, a enthusiastic plant lover and collector. Paradise…

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Philodendron gloriosum

Aroids have become quite the craze these last few years, especially the ‘rare’ or harder-to-find species.Philodendron gloriosum has…

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Variegation in Plants

When someone mentions ‘variegation’, which plant springs to mind? Most people will say ‘Variegated Monstera’, and rightly so…

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Hello again!

We just finished moving into our new home by the beach! We did so many loads over from…

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Plant Profile: Procis repens

The Procis repens was recently reclassified, and was formally known as ‘Pellionia repens’This evergreen trailing vine is a…

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