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Savanne & Grand Port

Pepiniere Plaisir du Jardin
A back yard nursery, filled with many plant treasures.
Ville Noire, Mahebourg

La Pepiniere – Savanna
An open air nursery with plenty of choice for home & commercial gardens and landscapes.
L’escalier, Savanne

Pepiniere de Terracine
A lesser known nursery, off the beaten track,
focusing on garden varieties.

Espace Maison
A lovely outdoor nursery, with a focus on garden plants.
Beau Vallon

Paradise Plants
A great collection of the more sought after houseplants.
Plaine Magnien

Appiah Flowers Garden
Beautiful collection of Ferns, Caladium & Maranta on sale.
Trois Boutiques

Zen Garden Space
A lovely selection of potted succulents and indoor plants.


Plaine Wilhems, Moka & Port Louis

La Pepiniere du Domaine des Aubineaux
A small but well curated nursery located behind the main restaurant.

La Bruyere
A small family-run nursery, with many plant treasures.
Rose Hill

Serre de Palma
A large, well run and fully stocked nursery, for home &
landscaping projects.
Quatre Bornes

Espace Maison
A smaller nursery but with good choice for the new plant parent.

La Pepiniere
A variety of decorative, fruit, ornamental & indoor plants.

La Pepiniere de L’ile
A nursery focused on decorative & ornamental plants.
Quatre Militaire

Vaneron Garden Center
A large plant selection as well as soils, pots & accessories.

Le Royaume des Geraniums
A beautiful collection of geraniums & other flowering plants and ornamental plants
St Julien d’Hotman

Pepiniere Nou Zardin
Garden focused – grass,
ornamental & flowering plants.
Mare D’australia



Kote Plantes
A small nursery, with a variety of plant species.
Located in the parking of Super U

Pepiniere de L’est
Decorative plants for home & garden.
Brisee Verdiere, Flacq

Espace Maison
A smaller selection of plants but plenty of pots/soils/accessories.

Nouzardin – le paradis du potager
A wide variety of fruit, vegetable & flowering plants.
Grande Retraite

Mi Flowers
Fruit trees, spices & flowers
Camp de Masque Pave

Rishi Plants N Seedlings
A collection of vegetable & flower seedlings.
Camp de Masque Pave

Gardenia Mauritius
A focus of flowering and
ornamental plants.
Bois d’Oiseaux


Riviere Noire & Albion

Gros Cailloux
An expansive collection of plants in a beautiful setting
Petite Riviere

Pepiniere Exotica
A well curated collection of indoor and outdoor plants

Plantes Exquises
A wide collection of
cacti and succulents


Pamplemousses & Riviere du Rempart

Pepiniere Exotica
A well established nursery, focused on garden and landscaping plant species.
Petite Raffray

Nature Sculpt
A wide variety of plants for landscaping and home
Petite Raffray

Pepiniere Endemika
Operational since 1998 & focusing mainly on endemic plant species.
Petite Raffray

La Pepiniere de Labourdonnais
A well organised nursery, specialised in fruit frees and ornamental plants.

Aloha Garden
A family owned nursery,
with a variety of unique species.

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