What is the Houseplant Diaries?

The Houseplant Diaries started as a personal blog, showcasing my plant collection and interior plant design, but has grown into a ‘one-stop-shop’ for plant care, plant design & plant sourcing.
Hop over to the blog for all the planty content, or visit ‘Plant nurseries’ for your online plant-sourcing directory.

Have a plant related question(s)?

I am very happy to answer any questions you may have. The most common questions I receive are:

1. Help, why is my plant dying?
2. My plant isn’t growing new shoots since a while, what should I do?
3. I love the plant you just posted, where can I get it?
4. I wanted to repot my plant and wanted to know which soil I should use?
5. What plant is this?
6. Are you selling your plants?
7. How many plants do you have?
8. Which plant nursery is your favourite?
9. I’m a new plant parent, any tips?
10. When’s the next plant swap?
These are great questions, and I will be answering these directly or via different topics on this blog, over the coming weeks/months.

Need Interiorscaping Advice?

You may be asking, what is interiorscaping?
To put it simply, its landscaping but indoors. I love working with plants and making them work for interior spaces, whether plants are to be the main focus or just accents to an already beautiful home. Indoor plants merge the outside world with the inside, creating a feeling of peace and inclusion. What’s better than living, changing, colourful decor?

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