Plant Profile: Alocasia ‘stingray’ variegated

A new plant for your wish list!
This beauty resembles the marine animal it was named after – the Stingray. The leaves resemble the wings of the ray, and the elongated tip resembles the tail.
This plant is also commonly known as Alocasia ‘Mickey Mouse’, as some believe it looks more like the Disney character than a Stingray.
Regardless of who it takes after, this plant is stunning, interesting, and worthy of being in anyones collection.
Care is relatively easy, but its not a beginners plant, so wait until you have a little more plant experience before bringing this one home.



Keep your Stingray in a well lit location. Variegation needs light, so don’t put it in a dark corner of your room.
Medium to bright-indirect light is recommended, as any direct sunlight will scorch the leaves.


All Alocasia love water, but they don’t like sitting in it. With this plant, avoid overwatering as this is a sure way to cause root rot. Water a little bit, a little more often.
Warm/room temperature water is important, and rain or filtered water is recommended.
These plants love humidity, and being in Mauritius, this is usually not an issue. However, should you need to increase humidity, place the pot on a pebble tray filled with water.
Misting is not recommended as it does little to increase humidity, and can cause leaf rot.


Always go for a well draining potting mix. Coco peat and compost add the all-important organic components and perlite /sand helps with drainage. Amend your mix if you notice that its not draining well or retains too much water.


If you are using a compost and coco peat potting mix, you will most likely not need to fertilise before your next repotting, at which time you will refresh the soil anyway. If you feel the need to fertilise your plant, use a low dosage/diluted fertiliser once a month in liquid form.


Alocasia are easy to propagate by separation. Pups that grow up alongside the mother plant are easy to remove. Always ensure you do this gently and with a clean pair of secateurs or a knife. If you feel the urge to pull them apart, do so at your own risk – I’ve regretted doing it several times.

If you have any more questions about the Variegated Alocasia Stingray, please leave a comment.
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